not for drinkin'



Ok, so maybe we're stretching it a little by naming it GinMartini. We would say, it smells gin martini-esk. But we love the name dammit! Besides, what man would buy a candle named appletini? Anyway, this candle will make you feel like Bond, rockin a Walther PPK on a 100 foot yacht surrounded by sultry half clothed women. So when you pull up to the bar and deliver the line "shaken, not stirred" you'll have them swooning in their undergarments.


*British accent may be needed to increase swooning.*




Beachwood, Balsam and Botanicals




Trim wick 2-4mm before each burn


Allow wax to pool to edges for best throw


Small - Approx burn time 20 hours 


Original - Approx burn time 40 hours 

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