Who needs a tree when you have this holiday candle.



Happy Holidays!!! The jolly old fat guy himself uses this candle to set the mood with Mrs. Claus on dark and snowy nights. Bless his chubby old soul. Now to the facts. We chopped down a Christmas tree, melted it (don't ask), crammed in a slice of apple pie and stuck it in a can. Voila. Enjoy hours of Xmas bliss. Good will, peace and hair grease to all men. 


Scent notes:

Christmas tree, duh. Balsam Fir, Ginger Snap and Apple Peel. 


100% soy wax, tin plated steel container, wood wick, and fragrance oil.  (If you wanna go busting our coconuts about it, its 98% soy wax and 2% soy additives to increase melting point and fragrance throw. Regardless, it ALL SOY.)

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